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DryRun Security News
July 26, 2023 Interview on DryRun Security Launch

Co-founder and CEO James Wickett recently chatted with Mitch Ashley of about the launch of DryRun Security. 

The interview focuses on how Co-founders James Wickett and Ken Johnson are shaking up the security industry with their new security analysis tool that is specifically for developers and finds potential security issues faster than other security solutions on the market.‍

How does DryRun Security find issues so quickly? It’s a concept called Contextual Security Analysis which allows developers to reason about the security implications of their decisions within the context of the entire application. 

The future lies in understanding the context – providing a window into how changes might impact your application’s security. Contextual Security Analysis makes sense for modern, distributed applications and fosters improved decision-making, collaboration, agility, and visibility.

Watch the whole interview at

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