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Get An Automated Security Buddy  On Your Next Pull Request

Our drop-in solution adds security context as you write code, so you don’t have to be a security expert to do the right thing. DryRun Security is by your side, so you can focus on what you do best, coding.  

Runs on GITHUB
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Get the security context developers need

DryRun Security has been built from our experience training 10,000+ developers and security professionals in application security testing and building security products at GitHub and Signal Sciences. Our experience has proven that there is one thing missing from all tools on the market today: security context for developers.

On your very next pull request, you get actionable results, just as if you had a security expert right by your side.

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We understand the frustrations of dealing with unverified security alerts and false positives.

We’ve been in your shoes.


Lacking context, scalability

We believe context and scalability go hand-in-hand. We help your security team scale by providing guidance that goes far beyond simple pattern matching techniques of the past.


Inaccurate results

No more wasted time on false positives. Our tech accurately identifies and verifies findings.


Slow security testing

Speed is essential when adding anything to your development flow. Don't let slow security testing hold you back.

Forget noisy and inaccurate results

Until now, most security testing takes a generic approach that frustrates developers with repetitive alerts or inaccurate results (hello, we see you false positives).

Our team has built a product specifically for developers that makes it easy to review security best practices on every code commit and pull request.

Supported Languages and Frameworks

DryRun Security works on any codebase using GitHub, but provides more context when the codebase is Node Express or Next.js.

We’re in beta, stay tuned for additional languages and frameworks
Any github repo

Get an Automated Security Buddy

Say goodbye to dealing with security issues alone and hello to a security buddy in your GitHub repo that makes your development process more secure without slowing things down.

Works in your GitHub repo
Supports Go, Node, Python, and more
In-depth analysis for Node.js Express
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Security Detection that Works

DryRun Security provides accurate findings that are verified, ensuring that developers can confidently identify and address risk exposures rather than having to deal with false positives.

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Built into your development process

With easy accessibility inside GitHub, DryRun Security provides a seamless experience to gather and perform contextual security analysis.

Not just another security scanner

Context Matters

Contextual Security Analysis ensures that all of the security context is identified and addressed.

No Guessing

Unlike legacy scanning tools, DryRun Security doesn’t waste time crawling or scanning.

For Developers and AppSec Teams

DryRun Security is specifically designed to be fast and reliable, providing accurate findings at speed.

How it works


Setup GitHub Action

By installing the GitHub Action, you get Contextual Security Analysis on every pull request or commit, putting critical security testing capability in the hands of developers.


Drop-in the DryRun Security module into your application

For Node.js Express and Next.js, DryRun Security can do deeper analysis through the drop-in module. It's built for speed and to minimize false positives.


Gain Security Context as You Write Code

Get a whole new sense of peace of mind and get confidence as you write code.

DevSecOps has brought security into the delivery pipeline, but it hasn’t always been an enjoyable process for developers. DryRun Security is changing that.

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Denim Group

DryRun Security is an approach that makes sense of security for developers.

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Image of the founders James Wickett, and Ken Johnson

About the founders

James Wickett

He's the CEO and Co-Founder and started the company because he believes developers care about security and quality, but the security industry at large wasn't giving them the tools they needed.

Ken Johnson

He's the CTO and Co-Founder, and he recently came from GitHub, where he led internal security code reviews and trained developers.


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