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Get A Security Buddy On Every Pull Request

Our drop-in solution adds security context as you write code, so you don’t have to be a security expert to do the right thing. DryRun Security is by your side, so you can focus on what you do best, coding.  

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Security context made for developers

DryRun Security has been built from our experience training 10,000+ developers and security professionals in application security testing and building security products at GitHub and Signal Sciences. From our experience, one thing is missing from all tools on the market today: security context for developers.

It’s time to change that. 

Now every developer gets a security buddy by their side.


Developers make code changes all day, every day. They need a security tool that provides security context to help move faster and safer.

We get it. We're developers too.


Security Code Reviews are Slow

Security code reviews often slow down the development team and happen too late in the development pipeline.


Security Context is Missing

Developers need security context right when a pull request is opened, so they can know the impact of the code change that's getting merged.


Burdened Developers

Today, most developers are feeling the burdens of the shift left of security tools: bloated build times and confusing results. 

Forget noisy and inaccurate results

Until now, most security testing takes a generic approach that frustrates developers with repetitive alerts or inaccurate results (hello, we see you false positives).

Instead we evaluate each pull request using Contextual Security Analysis, and it’s the model behind our AI-powered Security Buddy.

Supported Languages and Frameworks

DryRun Security is optimized for these languages and frameworks. Need something different? Let us know.


Get a Security Buddy

Say goodbye to dealing with security issues alone and hello to a security buddy in your GitHub repo that makes your development process more secure without slowing things down.

Your security buddy checks for:

Authentication and Authorization 
Sensitive Codepaths and Sensitive Functions
Authorship and Intent
Code Brittleness
and more...
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Get Easy Installation

It’s a GitHub App installation that takes less than a minute.

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Get It Merged Faster

You’ll get ridiculously fast code reviews in just seconds, giving the team the confidence they need to merge. 

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Get All The Context

Contextual Security Analysis works by gathering all of the key factors of a change before merging, and exposes the analysis directly in the pull request with the developer. 

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Get It Verified

You’ll have the confidence that every code change is verified. 

Benefits You Can See

Every Code Change Covered

Every change and pull request gets analyzed so developers get feedback in near real-time, right inside the source code management (SCM) platform. 

Every Code Repository Protected

With every source code repository in your organization protected, you're limiting exposure to code mishaps and misadventures.

Improve Developer Productivity

Improves developer productivity through increasing the velocity of the development pipeline. 

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


Install GitHub App

Adding the DryRun Security GitHub App to the repos you want protected takes less than a minute and will start working immediately on the very next pull request.


Write Code like Normal

Once you have it installed, you’ll just write code like normal and when you create a pull request (code change in GitHub), you’ll see DryRun Security checks run.


Get Security Context Before You Merge

Since Contextual Security Analysis takes just a few seconds, you’re getting security context delivered to developers before the code gets merged and run through the CI/CD pipelines. 

We've been using the DryRun Security app for months, and we highly recommend it! It automatically evaluates every GitHub pull request, so we know the solutions we're delivering to our clients are covered, plus the results are wicked fast and fit our development team’s needs.

John Poulin



Cloud Security Partners

We’re a leading open-source application security team with lots of community support, and because of that growth, sometimes code reviews can get complicated. Using DryRun Security, I've found the allowed authors feature helpful as it flags sensitive file changes in pull requests submitted by the committers who aren't approved to change certain parts of the codebase. One of the other things I love about it is how we could quickly get up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Matt Tesauro



Defect Dojo

DevSecOps has brought security into the delivery pipeline, but it hasn’t always been an enjoyable process for developers. DryRun Security is changing that.

Dan Cornell



Denim Group

Give the beta a try, today

Install the GitHub App, and we'll get your account activated as we have spots available. We’ll be in touch, and we'd love to hear from you.

Image of the founders James Wickett, and Ken Johnson

About the founders

James Wickett

He's the CEO and Co-Founder and started the company because he believes developers care about security and quality, but the security industry at large wasn't giving them the tools they needed.

Ken Johnson

He's the CTO and Co-Founder, and he recently came from GitHub, where he led internal security code reviews and trained developers.


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