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Product Updates
April 9, 2024

Announcing the Secrets Analyzer for DryRun Security

In today's fast-paced development environments, where continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) practices have become the norm, the challenge of keeping sensitive information secure has never been more critical. Secrets—ranging from API keys, tokens, credentials, to other sensitive data—are vital to the operation of applications yet pose a significant security risk if exposed.

DryRun Security is proud to announce an addition to our arsenal of analyzers: the Secrets Analyzer. This new feature is designed to assist against the accidental exposure of secrets within GitHub commits, providing an essential layer of security to your application development lifecycle.

How the Secrets Analyzer Works

When committed into git (or GitHub), secrets not only become part of the codebase but also part of the git history, extending the shelf life of the secret as a target for attackers. We recognize that preemptive measures should be taken. That’s why the Secrets Analyzer uses DryRun Security's Contextual Security Analysis framework to identify and address secrets within Pull Requests (PRs) before they merge into the main codebase. This capability adds a critical layer of defense, ensuring that secrets inadvertently committed are promptly detected and managed.

Early Detection is Key (sorry for the pun!)

DryRun Security's Secrets Analyzer operates on a simple yet powerful premise: the earlier a secret is detected, the lesser the risk it poses. While the ideal scenario involves catching these secrets at the developer's system before they ever reach a repository, our tool provides an invaluable safety net. 

Once integrated into your development workflow, the Secrets Analyzer scans incoming PRs for secrets. If detected, it alerts the development team, enabling them to take immediate action—such as rotating the secrets and securing the affected systems.

More is at Risk than Secrets 

Our rollout of the Secrets Analyzer to all existing customers has already yielded significant findings, underscoring the tool's efficacy in safeguarding sensitive information. 

However, the cost of not addressing secret exposures goes beyond the immediate risk of unauthorized access. It encompasses failing compliance audits, resource abuse, and even full-scale breaches—all of which can have profound implications for your organization's security posture and reputation.

A Valuable Security Tool

Choosing DryRun Security means more than just gaining access to the Secrets Analyzer. Customers and users of DryRun Security are already benefiting from Contextual Static Application Security Testing (C:SAST), our proprietary approach used by the suite of analyzers in the product today. These analyzers are designed to address a range of security concerns that determine how risky any particular code change is to the system. Our other analyzers are:

  • Authn/Authz Analyzer which evaluates code changes to look for authentication and authorization functions and usage patterns.
  • Sensitive Files Analyzer uses context-aware evaluation based on the lang/framework and identifies if the Pull Request or code change affects configuration or other sensitive files.
  • Configured Codepaths Analyzer evaluates the PR for codepaths that are particularly important for your application or code repo.

And this is just the beginning. We are continuously expanding our offerings, with more analyzers on the horizon to cover an even broader spectrum of security needs.

Getting Started with DryRun Security

Implementing DryRun Security, including the Secrets Analyzer, into your development process is straightforward. Our tools are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow, providing you with a comprehensive security analysis for every PR you submit without disrupting your development pace. 

By choosing DryRun Security, you're not just adopting another tool, you're embracing a holistic approach to application security that's both proactive and context-aware.

DryRun Security CEO & Co-founder James Wickett would be happy to give you a demo. Pick a time that’s convenient for you: 

We’re excited about the introduction of the Secrets Analyzer into DryRun Security's suite of security analyzers. It embodies our commitment to providing developers with the means to quickly and easily build secure applications. 

We invite you to explore the capabilities of the Secrets Analyzer and the broader array of analyzers offered by DryRun Security, free today. Together, we can forge a future where application security is integrated, intuitive, and, above all, effective.

For those interested in diving deeper into Contextual Security Analysis and understanding how DryRun Security can transform your security practices, we invite you to download our comprehensive guide at